Eight important questions to ask your agent

What To Look For In An Agent

Qualifications are important. However, finding a solid, professional agent means getting beyond the resume, and into what makes an agent effective. Use the following questions as your starting point in hiring your licensed, professional real estate agent:

  1. Why did you become a real estate agent?
  2. Why should I work with you?
  3. What do you do better than other real estate agents?
  4. What process will you use to help me find the right home for my particular wants and needs?
  5. What are the most common things that go wrong in a transaction and how would you handle them?
  6. What are some mistakes that you think people make when buying their first home?
  7. What other professionals do you suggest we work with and what are their credentials?
  8. Can you provide me with references or testimonials from past clients?

Getting answers to these questions will go a long way in helping you to get to know your prospective agent. Take your time and make sure you’re comfortable before you make your final decision. Be sure to check for referrals! They’re always a good insight into the job that will be performed for you. In the end, we believe your home sales or buyers’ experience will be much more enjoyable.

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