Best Selling Experience Ever

When we got ready to sell our residence in Lago Vista, Texas,  the only person’s name that came to our mind was Debbie Stewart and her partner Richard Cones. We have known Debbie for a few years and all we have ever known about her is her kindness and enthusiasm for her work!  She is dedicated and has the ability to dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s.  Her partner Richard Cones did an evaluation on the property.  His knowledge of the valuation of properties, both commercial and residential was amazing.  Due to the fact that our property was a multi-family duplex would make it both attractive as a residential and income producing property.  In addition, we wanted to list our vacant multifamily lot next door.  Richard and Debbie came up with the idea to list them together to show the probable investment buyer the income potential in both properties.  

In addition, Debbie decided to list the property and to advertise it in nationwide listings.  BINGO!  We ended up getting offers from all over the country.  Consequently, we were able to sell our properties to investors who realized the potential of value could make the properties very lucrative.

We sold both properties together.  The ease and speed in which we were able to close on these 2 properties was expedited by the fact that these two professionals were just that!  Experts in market values and income potential.

We can’t thank them enough for their knowledge in values certainly made it possible for us to realize a value that we never thought possible.  Thankyou to both Debbie and Richard for your incredible ability to make that possible!

Jane & John Kulisek

— Jane & John Kulisek

Best Selling Experience Ever

Debbie Stewart recently sold our home in the Lake Travis area. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we have been with her professionalism, expertise and knowledge throughout the entire process.

To begin with, ours was a unique property which required a certain type buyer. The appraiser Debbie works with, Richard, proved to have a wealth of knowledge on how our property should be priced and marketed, unlike properties other realtors might have used as a close comparison. Without the appraiser’s knowledge we probably would not have been able to have made the profit the property was truly worth.

Debbie showed patience, courtesy and listening skills, making sure we were on board with the process. She kept us updated and just had the best interpersonal skills, making it a pleasure to work with her.

Debbie and Richard, thanks for a job well done! Thanks to Keller Williams for giving us the best selling experience ever!!!

Jean and Ed Seero

— Jean and Ed Seero